How to Link an Account on MyACCESS

In the realm of My Access, an essential platform for Floridians seeking government assistance, the dashboard serves as a central hub of information. One crucial aspect is linking your case, and streamlining access to benefits and information. This tutorial will guide you through the process of linking your case on My Access, ensuring a seamless integration of important data and benefits.

  1. Navigating to “Things to Do”: Acknowledging the significance of the dashboard, under the “Things to Do” section, click on the link to your benefits. This action initiates the process of linking your case for a more integrated user experience.
  2. Providing Identification Information: The system will prompt you to enter specific information to identify your case. Start by entering the date of birth and zip code associated with your case. This information is crucial for the system to proceed.
  3. Choosing an Additional Field: The system requires you to choose one additional field and provide the requested information. You have the option to select from social security number, INS document number, or a case number. Input the required details in the chosen field and click “Next.”
  4. Automatic Linking to Existing Case: If the entered information matches an existing case, the system will automatically link to it. Your linked case will then be visible under “Your Application and Cases” on your dashboard’s right side.
  5. Troubleshooting Mismatched Information: In cases where the information entered does not exactly match an existing case, the system will prompt you to try again. Ensure that your information is accurate, and if needed, contact the customer service center for assistance.
  6. Confirmation of Linked Case: Upon successful linking, your case will be displayed on the right side of the dashboard screen. This confirmation ensures that your benefits and case information are seamlessly integrated into your My Access account.

Conclusion: Thank you for watching the My Access “How to Link Your Case” tutorial. The ability to link your case is a key feature in optimizing your experience with My Access, ensuring that important information is easily accessible. For additional informative videos and tutorials, be sure to explore our YouTube channel. My Access remains dedicated to providing user-friendly solutions for those in need.

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