MyACCESS: Same Name, New Portal

MyACCESS is a simple way to apply for and manage government assistance through the Department of Children and Families. The new MyACCESS portal is here! The next time you need to manage your food assistance (SNAP), temporary cash assistance (TANF), or Medicaid, go to and set up your new account.

MyACCESS New Portal

The new MyACCESS portal replaces the existing platform, as the new self-service web portal for Floridians in need of applying for, renewing, and managing their government assistance including:

  1. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP): The Food Assistance Program helps individuals and families in need purchase nutritious foods.
  2. Medicaid: The Medicaid Program provides medical assistance to individuals and families in need to cover or assist in the cost of medically necessary services.
  3. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF): The Temporary Cash Assistance program assists pregnant women in their third trimester and families with dependent children to assist in the temporary payment of rent, utilities, and other household expenses.

How to use MyACCESS

  1. Use an internet-enabled computer or mobile device, either at home or at a public facility (e.g. a public library),
  2. Work with a registered community partner who can assist, or
  3. Visit a local Family Resource Center.

Who should use MyACCESS?

  • Eligible individuals interested in learning more and applying for government assistance
  • Recipients who currently have an existing access account
  • Current recipients interested in linking their existing case to their MyACCESS account
  • Service providers interested in becoming a registered community partner

What users can do in MyACCESS

  • Screen for eligibility
  • Save and submit applications
  • Apply for and renew government assistance
  • Check application status
  • Submit verification documents electronically
  • Go paperless and receive online notices
  • Manage case information online
  • Report interim case changesMyACCESS

What MyACCESS offers

Streamlined Application Process

  • User-Friendly Application: MyACCESS uses updated technology to make the application process
    more accessible, reducing barriers and enabling recipients to access government assistance online.
  • Common Point: MyACCESS provides individuals, households, and registered Community Partners
    a single access point to the screen, apply for and renew a broad range of government assistance.

Seamless Information Sharing

  • Online Notices: Customers who connect their case to a MyACCESS account have the option to
    “Go Paperless” by enrolling in electronic notifications where individuals can be alerted via their
    personal email when they receive a case notice.
  • Reporting Changes or Renewals: Recipients can use their MyACCESS account to update cases or
    client information or submit a renewal for their government assistance.

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • One Account: MyACCESS allows recipients to conveniently manage their government assistance
    through one account with 24/7 ESS.
  • Convenient Log-in: Existing recipients with an existing ACCESS account can easily set up a new
    MyACCESS account.
  • Real-Time Case Status: Recipients can view their case status by logging into their MyACCESS account.
  • Password Recovery: Recipients can use the “Forgot Your Password” link to recover their password.

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  1. your system s u c k s !!!!!

    I’ve tried for 30 min trying to get into my acct, your new system wont let
    me complete ID part……

  2. I was finally able to renew my account but now I can not vet back in ! I don’t know who you think you made this better because this is terrible and as what everyone else is saying you suck now !!!


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